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Little Learner Academy

Little Learner Academy

30 OLD RD BUDD LAKE, NJ 07828 ( View Map )

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» Capacity: 103

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Our Commitment...
... is to provide early childhood education through age and developmentally appropriate activities, based on two main concepts: child-centeredness and problem solving. Out teachers are warm, nurturing and knowledgeable of child development, trained, and committed to the education of young children.

Our Philosophy...
... recognizing the community's need for infant care, preschool care, kindergarten and school aged child care for working parents, we give priority placement to this population.
... We believe children learn best through play and social interactions. Our main goals are to nurture children and help them learn to get along with their peers. Child-centered means our program is here to meet the real needs of children, allow them the freedom to be children, and put their physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being first.
... We see inappropriate or destructive behavior as a problem to be solved, primarily by the children with the help of a teacher. Problem solving is how we teach children to form positive relationships, resolve conflicts, learn self-discipline, and show respect for others.
... We accomplish these goals through active listening, negotiating, setting limits, making children feel important, and building our learning environment around the children's needs.
... We are always happy to discuss our philosophy, as well as the individual needs of your child with you.


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