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Allamuchy Township Early Childhood Center

Allamuchy Township Early Childhood Center

20 JOHNSONBURG ROAD Allamuchy, NJ 07820 ( View Map )

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» Capacity: 60

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Allamuchy Township School provides a challenging educational environment for its approximately 300 students in second through grade eight. The average class size of 18 combined with thorough in-class support and academic skills improvement programs offers a comprehensive educational system to meet the individual needs of our students.

We employ a balanced literacy approach to reading instruction utilizing various instructional resources including Project Read, Rigby Literacy, and a leveled novel-based curriculum. Project Read and Write Source are the essential components to our writing program using strategies including shared writing, interactive writing and writers’ workshop. Our goal is to develop enthusiastic learners, avid readers, critical thinkers and active writers.

The primary goal of our math curriculum is that students will be able to solve real problems, reason effectively, and make logical connections while aspiring to exceed the standards set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education. The students receive the skills necessary to achieve this goal through the interaction of parents, teachers, peers, and the use of curriculum supporting materials at each level: K-5 SRA/McGraw Hill, Explorations and McDougal-Littel Algebra in grades six through eight.

A cross-curricular, thematic approach in all grade levels ensures that the social studies curriculum builds a bridge between history and daily life as a citizen of Allamuchy Township, New Jersey, the United States and the World. The students are challenged through a diverse series of learning experiences aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Houghton Mifflin is the base of our science program in grades kindergarten through fifth. Lessons, experiments and activities are designed to nurture and improve the scientific abilities of our students. The science program for grades six through eight offers core proficiencies in life science (sixth grade), earth science (seventh grade) and physical science (eighth grade). Skills of observation, exploration, discovery and investigation are developed and encouraged. Units of study include student projects, vocabulary application of science to daily living and field trips. We also have a fully functioning greenhouse that is utilized for experiments and activities across all grade levels.

We introduce Spanish in kindergarten and continue to develop it through grade eight. Technology is a prime focus both in the delivery of the instruction and in student demonstration of content knowledge. Students in kindergarten through grade six receive a full year course of computers, and most classrooms utilize smart boards and phonic ears. Each student participates in physical education or health four days a week. Students in grades K-8 have art and music each week. K-6 Students participate in computers and media studies as well.


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